Editor's Note

I had no idea when I embarked upon this project that it would touch me so deeply. I was raised Jewish, had a Bat Mitzvah, and celebrated the Jewish holidays. When I was approached to put The Code of Jewish Law into a pleasant format, I thought, “Sure, why not,” without realizing it would have such a profound impact.

When reading through the chapters and corresponding Commandments and laws, I found that many made sense. Certainly, some did not apply to the 21 st century any longer; however, I was surprised by my reaction in thinking that a significant number appeared quite logical.

The Code of Jewish Law is a list. But it is also so much more. It is a reminder how to comport oneself. It entails respect, kindness, and prayer. As I always say, take what works!

Please remember that if you have any questions as to the verity of any particular point, consult a rabbi or see the source book.

The Code of Jewish Law was retranslated and constructed using modern vernacular. When anything is translated, by definition, something changes from its original form. That said, it is my humble opinion that the words that follow capture the essence conveyed in the original Commandments and Jewish laws, but again, I am no expert.

As I am no expert, nor is the author / compiler of this project, you will find the words See source for details, or consult a rabbi in parentheses, and after a directive that may be unclear to the reader. So, if you are interested in delving into the depths of Jewish law, we urge you to do exactly that.

I have found in my life that anything learned is a success. This project has taught me many things. Its respective success is already in the proverbial books.

May you enjoy The Code of Jewish Law in good health!

—Rebecca E. Kovan, Ph.D.